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Eclipse Torque Wrenches Exceed Industry Standards

The Eclipse range of Torque Wrenches has been designed for accuracy, durability and comfort.

Features includes:

• Torque mechanism with +/-3% accuracy, which exceeds all international standards.
• Durable push-through ratchet with 60-72 engagements per revolution (depending on the model) and a push-through square drive that allows precise torque control in both clockwise and anti clockwise directions.
• A Reversible Ratchet Head as an alternative means of changing direction, which enablest he tool to be easily  positioned in the tight confines of today’s vehicles and machines.
• Versatile micrometer scale, with dual markings in N.m and lbf.ft, provides simple and error-free setting.
• Robust adjustment mechanism allowing quick and easy adjustment over the entire scale in just ten turns. The mechanism also locks to prevent accidental slips.
• Ergonomic, slip-resistant handle. For durability, both the handles and lens are resistant to common automotive, aviation and industrial chemicals.

The range includes eight models covering torque control from 1 – 300 N.m (10 – 220 lbf.ft).


Eclipse Professional Torque Wrenches

For users who demand a finer torque setting, The Eclipse Professional range offers many of the same high quality features of our Eclipse torque wrenches, including:

• ‘Harmonic Drive’ torque scale, whose unique mechanism allows a longer scale length and therefore supremely accurate and error-free setting.
• Advanced torque mechanism offering +/-3% accuracy (exceeding all international standards), simple calibration adjustments with disassembly and fewer parts to maintain compared to ‘pivot block mechanisms’.
• Advanced adjustment lock, which is sensitive enough to offer fingertip-light adjustment but robust enough to prevent accidental slippage adjustment.
• A more accurate ratchet head, with offset ratchet pawls that give a narrower engagement angle. Like the Eclipse range, it also has a durable push-through square drive that allows precise torque control in both clockwise and anti clockwise directions.



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