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What Is Kinetic Water Ram ?


The Kinetic Water Ram is a drain cleaning device that uses kinetic energy to unclog plumbing fixtures, and eliminates grease, hair and sediment from lines up to four inches in diameter. And anyone can use it- just pump the Water Ram, insert it into a drain, and snap the trigger.


Using kinetic energy to create a shock wave that strikes a clog at 4,700 feet per second, the Water Ram clears clogged drains powerfully, quickly, and safely.


Itís more effective than drain snakes and chemical drain cleaners, which can be messy, costly, and wonít always work. Itís environmentally sound and easy on your drains. And best of all, the Water Ram pays for itself in three or four uses.


Buy one today, and experience the most effective way to clear clogged drains.





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 Kinetic Water Ram KR-D-WC  kinetic-water-ram instruction manual
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